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Welcome to the Practice for Shiatsu and Acupuncture Utrecht

My practice for shiatsu and acupuncture creates space to start your healing process in a natural way. Health complaints are usually connected to the rest of your life, as is your recovery. My treatment methods help to attune you back to your original strength and possibilities. The treatment can easily be combined with regular medicine and mental care.
I also take into consideration the counter indications and limitations of my treatment possibilities. In addition I pay close attention to the diagnosis Western medicine provides, as well as psychological or psychiatric diagnosis. If desired, I get in contact with the physician who is treating you.


Method Intake and treatment process

During your first visit I list your complaints. Together we examine your needs. After this, I will give you a short treatment. The whole procedure will take a little more than one hour.
The treatment takes place on the floor, on a soft matrass. You keep your clothes on. Thanks to your flat position my hands can perceive signals in the body with the help of gravity; I don't have to exert myself. A follow-up treatment will take one hour. Often the treatment is experienced as a deep relaxation. The effects reveal themselves during the next days and weeks.

The frequency of the treatment varies, according to necessity and needs: from a weekly to a monthly basis. The amount of treatments depends on the development and the seriousness of your complaints. A treatment course on average takes between 6 and 12 treatments. Depending on your physical balance and the healing process I treat you with shiatsu and/or acupuncture, body exercises and practical guidelines. During the conversation I use elements from Processwork.
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Vision - Strengthen the life thread -

For me it is a challenge to bring people through my treatment into contact with the undercurrent that bears them. When you have a physical complaint, feel ill, or do not function well, it is important to give room to the recovering strength within yourself. The body itself works towards recovery, but this can and sometimes has to be supported vigorously.
The treatment offers you a new balance. This will pervade your entire life. I will support this process the best I can, but I won't force or direct it.
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Costs and Appointments

A treatment takes about an hour and costs 90 euros.


The first question is whether you feel like improving your health along this way. This question precedes the question whether you want to insure yourself against extra medical expenses and whether your insurance company agrees to reimburse your medical expenses.

Insurance companies collaborating with ZHONG, the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine, reimburse treatment expenses. You can contact your insurance company for information or you can find a list of al insurance companys on > Zorgverlener> Vergoedingen zorgverlener> vergoeding 1012.

Because I don't use an ATM machine in my practice you are requested to pay for the treatment in cash.

To cancel your appointment

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please let me know at least two days (48 hours) in advance. If you cancel any later I'm forced to charge the treatment.

To make an appointment

(030) 273 53 99 (please leave a message on the answering machine if I'm not there.)



Regulations Disciplinary Law

If a patient wants to file a complaint regarding treatment or therapist, he can appeal to the complaints regulations applying to ZHONG association. The independent authority the patient can address is called Register of Professionals in Natural Healthcare (RBNG). You can consult the regulations after clicking on the following link:   
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Shiatsu is like a conversation without words -To touch what is hidden -

In Japanese shiatsu means 'press of the finger'. It is a sensitive massage technique. It's goal is to support the body's own energy. The theoretical framework for this is the meridian system. Meridians are energy paths that connect physical and mental functions in the body. Together the meridians form a coherent whole: a system. Basically the human organism knows best how to correct stress and health complaints, as well as how to deal with chronical imbalance. When you have a complaint it's important to look for the power to recover that's already there. By touching your body subtly and attentively, I stimulate the healing process in your body. This way, it's easier for your vitality to recover it's balance. This not only means your health improves; it means as well that you're regaining your authentical way of living. For instance, when you suffer often from headaches shiatsu makes it possible to discharge the toxins that sometimes cause the headache and to use the available energy to leave the imbalance that's often underneath the headache.
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Acupuncture activates body and spirit to heal themselves

Acupuncture stimulates energy points with the help of needles. The illness is diagnosed after an elaborate conversation and the examination of pulse and tongue, The diagnosis shows the relationship between organs, emotions and life patterns. The energy paths in the body serve as frame of reference for the placement of the needles. Placing the needles on the right spots stimulates the body to better use it's potency to cure itself. The needles are used subtly but effectively, in order to prevent any sensation of pain. Moreover, I try to reach as large an effect as possible with as little needle points as possible. The body responds to the needles immediately. Their effect can be controlled by checking your pulse. If, for instance, you are suffering from exhaustion, acupuncture can help you turn inwards, use your energy in a better way and prevent energy from 'leaking'. You change yourself and relate yourself differently towards your surroundings, whether it be at work or at home.
Summarized the acupuncture needle gives very specific information to the body, as a result of which the body can use it's own potency in an optimal way.
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Processwork lets the unconscious speak

In my practice I use process orientated psychotherapy (the so called Processwork) to support the conversation. In Processwork the unconscious and conscious parts in ourselves are being connected. During the conversation I use different work forms. For instance I do small exercises like the reinforcement of movement impulses that arise from our body, give space to and strenghten our voice and watch an image that occurs. The power of the Processwork I use in my practice lies in it’s simplicity. During the conversation  large steps are being made with small impulses. You are in contact again with your own capacity.
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...stress, complaints of back and neck, trouble with the intestines, exhaustion, headache, nervousness, insomnia, respiratory conditions...

For who?

To my practice come:
people with various physical complaints and serious syndromes
people who didn’t get a conclusive diagnosis in regular medicine or can find no further treatment there
people with emotional and mental problems
people seeking guidance in their lives

There are still more illnesses I work with than the examples I give you below. When you have a complaint that isn’t mentioned here and you wonder whether I could help you, please call me.
My method connects well to conventional medicine and psychological guidance. Therefore shiatsu and acupuncture go well together with other treatments.
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Physical Symptoms

 psychosomatic aspects of complaints on the borderline between body and mind:

internal complaints: digestion, complaints of stomach and intestines, spastic intestines, pain, affections of the thyroid gland, affections of the kidneys, pelvis problems, hyper/hypotonus
metabolism: diabetes, overweight, underweight, food allergy

chronical problems with the respiratory system: asthma and throath-nose-ear complaints, skin problems, eczema, allergies, rheumatic affections, fibromyalgia (rheuma of the muscle), insomnia, headache complaints

cardiovascular system: blood circulation problems, heart rhythm complaints, high blood pressure
complaints concerning the moving apparatus: hernia, whip lash, frozen shoulder, tension of the anus
neuralgie, tics, Migraine
nervous system: epilepsy, consequences of CVA (haemorraghe)

procreation and birth
infertility, pregnancy complaints
children’s development disorder, children’s diseases
gynaecological complaints
problems with menstruation and menopause

disorders of the immune system: low bodily reserves, fatigue syndrome
HIV symptoms like infections, poor energy balance and poor digestion

systemic diseases:
symptoms of:
Parkinson, like being tense
Multiple Sclerosis, like spasms
Cancer, like the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; enhance the personal strenght to recover
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Emotional and Mental Symptoms

overburdening and stress (burn out)
self acceptance
divorce as a transformation process
making contact and putting up boundaries
mourning process
putting mental problems into perspective
fear, anger
worrying (something keeps running in your head)
trauma processing
stabilization during psychiatrical complaints
eating disorder
sexual abuse
sleeping disorders
lack of energy
addiction processing
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strenghtening the contact with your body
recovery of the energy balance
important transformation processes
reorienting your life
the development of hyperactive children, autism
people with an intellectual limitation
loss, crisis
divorce, relationship problems
dying process
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Terminal care

Dying is a constantly present movement, from beginning to end, but of course this applies to live itself as well.
We’re not always aware of this. A heavy accident, a serious disease or the deterioration of body and mind can confront us with the movement that’s always there. The dying of every person is as different and unique as his birth. While assisting people during their life’s ending I do my best to alleviate their complaints and to help them relax physically. I can also help to reduce fear and to find mental ease. Here again it’s about the interlocking of the physical and the spiritual.
The finishing of live is supported with a movement and rhytm of it’s own. Live finds a physical balance to withdraw.


Pregnancy support

On a regular basis pregnant women visit the practice with complaints like fatigue, nausea, pelvis instability and serious pregnancy complications. Often they also express their difficulty or fear to be able to attach themselves to their future child. Here shiatsu can bring great relieve, also in preparation of the delivery. This also goes for the period after the delivery, easing haemorrhages and helping to re-establish the hormonal balance and  the recovery of the body. With shiatsu I can offer to support the pregnancy. Apart from this I can also help couples who have difficulty becoming pregnant and women who suffer from a diminished vitality after having experienced a pregnancy later in life.
It’s about getting in contact with yourself, about your own sources of strength and about contacting the child. 


 Psychosomatic complaints

“The list of psychosomatic complaints is long, but each of them illustrates unmistakably the major interaction and two-way traffic between our physical and mental health.’’ According to the Belgian university professor Myriam Van Moffaert: ‘’With psychosomatic complaints it’s not true that a single mental event, for instance a big disappointment, manifests itself in a physical outburst. It’s more about a constant state with fluctuations. Psychosomatic patients experience a very intense interaction between body and mind. During a short circuit reaction between the two the signals go up the wall in both directions, making people develop unexplainable complaints. For instance they feel pressure on their chest but there’s nothing wrong with their heart. Their body tells them they have burdened themselves to much.’’
With my treatments I can influence this interaction. It’s of the essence of shiatsu and acupuncture to be able to work on both levels at the same time, going to energy paths that are physical as well as mental after all.
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Who am I?


My name is Johannes Daniel Heinzerling. I was born in Darmstadt (Germany) in 1970.

With my hands I help people to get better; it has always been my destination.
I come from a family of physicians, theologians and artists. They taught me that people are fragile creatures, but strong at the same time. When you and I are experiencing physical and mental complaints, these complaints are always connected to our whole life process. My work consists of assisting you in handling your problems and illnesses. When you and I get ill or experience a major transformation we seek help – preferably from an expert. But getting well is also about not being in the way of your own strength. My treatment supports you in this. Your own body has the susceptibility to get cured; I assist it in taking the chance to do so.
In my treatment I use the knowledge of Western medicine, Chinese medicine and psychotherapy. I’m a fulltime therapist since 1994.

Education and Experience

Education and experience
Qualified ‘Heilpraktiker’ (basic medical training level)
Qualified in shiatsu (European Shiatsu Institute) and acupuncture (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für
Akupunktur und traditionelle Chinesische Medizin)
International training with leading teachers: Diane Conelly, US, Pauline Sasaki, US,
Akinobu Kishi, Japan, and others
Training in Hakomi, Gestalt and process orientated psychology after C.G. Jung
Working with traumatized children from war regions (Croatia, Middle East)
Teacher (black belt) of Shinson Hapkido, Corean martial arts
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Associated with

Registered at the Chambre of Commerce KvK-nr. 30262381
Member of the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHONG 240470000177 (
Registered at the TBNG Stichting Tuchtrecht Beroepsbeoefenaren natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg (disciplinary law) and
HBO Register Beroepsbeoefenaren natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg RBNG-register 509050R (
AGB-code care conferrer: 90024613. Practice: 90003474 (
Social Security Nr: 236279798 B-01
Shinson Hapkido International (
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(030) 7850871 (please leave a message on the answering machine when I’m not there)


Address practice:

Korte Nieuwstraat 141
3512 NM Utrecht
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With public transport:
From Utrecht Central Station:

walk in 10-15 min to the tower of Utrecht at the cathedral from the place in front af the Cathedral   200 meter down  at the beginning from tne Korte Nieuwstraat on the other side of the Hotel/Restaurant 'de Rechtbank'


take bus 2 (museumkwatier) to stop Hamburgerstraat (6 min)

rout description onder

By car
For a route description see google maps

parking place at Nieuwe Gracht (4,34 euro per hour) 2 min. to walk


at Schoolstraat outside the single (water around the old center) (2,64 euro per hour) 6 min. to walk
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Nederlandse Vereniging voor traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde Zhong
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für traditionelle Chinesische Medizin
Shinson Hapkido, Koreaanse Bewegingskunst
Homeopatisch Artsencentrum Utrecht
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