Shiatsu & Acupunctuur Johannes D. Heinzerling



Seiki-Soho by Akinobu Kishi

When the body is out of harmony, disease is one of the possible ways in which the organism expresses itself. When the therapist offers a resonance to the energy emanating from the body that is out of harmony, he or she presumes that this organism has a "state of harmonious functioning". The specific points requiring treatment appear distinctly on the surface of the patient's body when there is a feeling of mutual trust and a feeling of trust in the life forces. Seiki therapy awakens the deep nature of a being. The changes which take place on both a physical and mental level are clearly felt. The process of this change involves three factors. The body relaxes and becomes more flexible, pain and abnormal sensations are clearly felt and the whole body becomes more aware, then the functions for eliminating toxins become more active on a physical and mental level. In this way, harmony is reestablished between body and spirit. And support the everyday tasks to developing the individual's "desire" and autonomy in life.